Custom software development

  • Unique websites and services, business automation-intended software
  • Highly-experienced programmers, who previously worked in the international companies
  • Advanced technologies-based development
  • Convenient payment method: hourly or fixed price

Our features

International level development, available at the standard cost and other Strong Code benefits

Certified highly-experienced programmers, who previously worked in international companies

The advanced technology appliance ensures your program longevity

An opportunity to cooperate on post-payment basis after receiving the result for a month

Payment option to choose from, including either hourly or fixed development price

Specification adjustment opportunity — the program will perform the tasks, relevant for you today

High quality development, free of x large agencies’ extra charges


The websites and programs types we provide our customers with

Automation and business process management systems
Startup projects
Rating portals
Personal accounts
Document management systems
Working time tracking systems

Completed projects

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Modern technology only


Founder and CEO of Strong Code

Alexander Filipenko Fullstack Developer, Strong Code founder

  • Technical Sciences Master’s degree, graduated from Belarusian-Russian University
  • Over 6 years of commercial development experience, including cooperation with Western customers within Epam Systems company development staff
  • Fullstack developer with the server and client-side programs creation competencies, engaged in turnkey projects development
  • Founded Strong Code company in 2017

It is a common fact the large companies provide huge programmers’ salaries markup. As a result, highly qualified specialists are mostly available for the companies, which have got a huge budget.

I am very upset with the risk the great ideas will fail to be implemented due to the lack of money for their implementation.

Therefore, I founded a small company with both the low costs and a strong highly-experienced team in order to make the international-level development available for those companies, which don’t have huge budgets, but provide really great ideas.

Alexander Filipenko Fullstack Developer, Strong Code founder

Our features

Large agencies’ extra charge-free services


Our company type is boutique, therefore there we don’t need to «feed» the managers’ staff.


Owner is Senior Programmer with Fullstack Competency Development


Our company's founder is engaged in certain projects management and tasks completion himself

The reason to choose us

3 programming quality assessment criteria

«Cheap» specialists services preference

  • Specification-based operation thinking-free way

    Specification-based mindless operation result doesn’t fully satisfy neither the customer, nor the program users.

  • Limited functionality

    Development starts immediately, architecture design-free way. So, it becomes impossible to add additional functions to the program, as a result.

  • Confusing and incomprehensible code

    No one is able to continue development while using another programmer’s code, once he leaves the project. Therefore, the program can’t be further used.

Strong Code development

  • Specification improvement recommendations

    It’s rather complicated to foresee all in advance while being engaged in individual program development. Specification adjusting opportunity is the key to obtaining a program, able to resolve the business issue.

  • Strong program’s «foundation»

    The system architecture, developed at the initial stage, will improve and scale the project in future.

  • The code, able to be read by other programmers

    High-quality programming. Each programmer will be able to both read the other programmer’s code as well as continue further development, if the previous programmer left the project.

Why saving on the programmer’s services costs a lot?

Hiring unexperienced developer implies certain risk, namely:
Getting a website, service or program, not able to support all the functions you need
Fail to complete a complex project since inappropriate program «foundation» has been initially made
The programmer may «run away» and the developed code will have to be thrown out, since no one will be able to figure it out
And what if hiring a local full-time specialist?
Think twice, bacause our price for Middle developer starts from
25$ per hour

High-tech solutions development time

  • Programs and services development is both rather long and difficult task. Even the most experienced programmers are not able to predict all the pitfalls, which may emerge during working process.

  • The service, which development is predicted to be completed in 1 year, really can take either 8 months or 1,5 years.

  • Besides we take into account the fact you will change the initial specification.

  • Business is a living organism, therefore business processes may change there during the development process. So, new ideas will become available for you, therefore the users will offer solutions, convenient for them.

Payment for work

Which one from the options available will you choose?

Fixed cost

The risks are included in the price due to realizing that 1-year development period project may last for 1.5 years.

Therefore, there is provided the higher cost in order to cover the additional programmer’s work risk cost for several months.

Pay per one development hour

You pay the actual project cost regardless of whether the project development took 8 months or 1.5 years

So, you pay for the hours only, the programmer spent while being engaged in your project development

Do you think that multiple development months is a very long time?

Do you want to use the program and start earning on it asap?

In such a way MVP — a program which provides minimal, but sufficient functionality in order to resolve its main task, will suit you best

You will be provided with your MVP in a couple of monthsand you will be able to start earning on it. Then you will have a chance to add any additional functions to the service

Therefore, you will be provided with MVP, any features-free, butan fully workable system, even if your budget will be spend in full after a few months of development

Our operation way

Operation stages

Task setting and pricing

Main tasks discussion, approximate price and development time provision

Thinking through the program architecture

Future program functionality and architecture design analysis

Scrum/Kanban development

Programming and regular calls in order to both clarify tasks as well as demonstrate intermediate results

MVP creation

The initial product version you will be able to launch

Additional functions

Additional functionality and your and target users’ new ideas version implementation for the program development

Technical support

Technical support after the product launch, which means we do not leave our customers alone

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